If you’ve made it here, then you know nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than an adorable animal doing what they do best. Puppies do the darndest things and we have them all here.

Chrome, who was once a rescue dog himself, was finally able to repay his adoptive family. A fire destroyed the Smith’s family home in Bastrop County, Texas but they were able to escape with their lives thanks to the family dog, Chrome. The family adopted Chrome from Bastrop County Animal Shelter in November.

Pepper, the feline reincarnation of Houdini, was finally found in JFK’s sprawling terminal 4 after escaping on April 20th. The cat spent a full week cruising dusty alcoves in the airport, eluding Port Authority police. Pepper’s owner missed a flight to China attempting to find her cat but had to board her re-scheduled flight.

Ella has breast cancer and a hollow diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean her last days have to be sad ones. She was brought in as a pregnant 5-year-old stray by Rescued Ohio; only two months after being placed with foster mom Brittnie Baker, Ella found out she has terminal cancer. Baker decided to make sure Ella’s last few weeks were going to be as amazing as possible – starting with a Day of Destruction.

World, meet Beaux Tox: the yellow lab with a heart of gold and some pretty unconventional good looks. Beaux Tox has a facial ‘deformity’ which only makes him cuter. He has six brothers and sisters; during their shared time in the womb, things got a little crowded.

Blue Dozer and OJ might be an unlikely pair, but two bestfriends have never been closer. Blue Dozer is a 6-year-old Staffordshire Terrier who acts as a guide-dog for his blind best-friend, 12-year-old OJ the Dachshund. They were surrendered to Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia when their owner became homeless and could no longer provide the care they needed.

Maisy is a St Bernard with a penchant for eating things she shouldn’t. Like any worried mother, Jane Dickinson rushed Maisy to the vet when she realized something was wrong with her 8-year-old fur baby. Following a CT scan by vet Nick Blackburn of Paragon Veterinary Referrals, Maisy was diagnosed with cancer.

He might be old, blind, and deaf but Max is one good boy who saved the life of his 3-year-old friend, Aurora. Max is a 17-year-old (that’s 119 in dog years) blue heeler living in Queensland, Australia and Aurora is his human 3-year-old bestie/little sister. She wandered away from her home into the ‘rugged bushland’ of Australia; she was missing for more than 15 hours overnight but she wasn’t alone.

Meghan Markle’s beagle, Guy, hit the fur-ever fam jackpot. At one point in his life, Guy was waiting patiently to be adopted at a shelter. He came to A Dog’s Dream Rescue in Oakville, Ontario from Kentucky.

Six months is a long time to be away from your best friend. One Canadian man is celebrating a reunion he didn’t think was ever going to happen. James Dumont adopted a redbone coonhound in Northern British Columbia in September 2017.

The illegal wildlife trade has taken its toll on the slow loris. Two critically endangered slow lorises, Lilo and Jomblo, were recently released back into the wild. They rejoined their Javan slow loris mates and are adjusting to their natural environment.