If you’ve made it here, then you know nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than an adorable animal doing what they do best. Puppies do the darndest things and we have them all here.

On Thanksgiving Day, a miracle occurred. And no, we don’t mean that your racist aunt was too sick to make it to dinner or that no one brought up your perpetual single status at the dinner table. A bobcat’s life was saved, against all odds.

An unlikely trio Ruuxa, Raina, and Little Rae don’t appear to notice their extreme species difference. Ruuxa had a tough start. Abandoned by his mother, the cheetah kitten was alone in the world.

The San Diego Zoo has a new addition. He’s Tony the baby hippo and we love him. Tony was born on September the 22nd, a day which we would like to make into a national holiday, called The Day the World Became a Better Place.

Following a tragic incident with a lawnmower, eight orphaned hedgehog babies found refuge in an unlikely place. A cat named Musya stepped up after the hedgehoglets mother was killed in an unfortunate lawnmower accident. The cat was living at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia when workers found the abandoned hoglets.

Meet Tinker Vol, a silver lab pup living with Megaesophagus, a rare disease with a low survival rate. Megaesophagus occurs when the esophagus is enlarged to the point where food can’t travel down to the stomach. The dog can suffer from lack of nourishment and, in some extreme cases, starvation.

Meet Max, a twelve-year-old husky and Quackers, a four-year-old duck. Two best friends living it up in the countryside of Strout, Minnesota. The pair met shortly after Max’s best friend, Sasha had passed away.

In the world of vigilantes, one outshines the rest. A hero amongst men, Catman stands for justice, bravery, and belly scratches. Shon “Catman” Griffin is a five-year-old superhero.

Beth and Howard Stern have completely embraced the ‘crazy cat people’ title. They use their $90 million fortune to foster as many cats that they can fit into their three sprawling homes. They saved their first litter of kittens from being euthanized in 2013.

For five long months, two American women and their dogs floated lost at sea. With dwindling hope, they survived shark attacks and storms on a broken sailboat. In May 2017, Jennifer Appel, Tasha Fuiava and their two trusty sidekicks embarked on a 2,700-mile trip.

If you’re anything like us, doggy rescues guarantee to make you ugly-cry happy tears! Preston Gladd was hiking in the Colarado mountains when he heard some odd noises coming from an abandoned mine shaft. Assuming it was a wild animal, he gave the shaft a wide berth.