If you’ve made it here, then you know nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than an adorable animal doing what they do best. Puppies do the darndest things and we have them all here.

Marnie the Shih Tzu went from rags to riches after Shirley Braha adopted the senior from a shelter. Originally a Connecticut street dog, Marnie was in pretty rough shape. She had decaying teeth, an odor that would put New York alleyways to shame and was deaf and blind.

In the lush countryside of Costa Rica, there’s a dog paradise called Territorio de Zaguates (Land of the Strays). Found on acres of private farmland, it’s a free-range, outdoor, no-kill shelter for nearly 1,000 rescued dogs. They get to spend their days playing on the grassy hills, running through the forest and jumping in ponds.

Rocket, a seven year old Macaque monkey was found wandering the streets of Bangkok with a metal arrow protruding out of his face. Authorities say it was shot out of a harpoon gun, possibly by someone using Rocket as target practice. A woman named Mongkul Plus found the injured Macaque, and said she was surprised he was still alive.

Luna, a pomeranian, and Sebastian, a French bulldog are the definition of #relationshipgoals. Engaged since June 2016, they’re both three years old and live together in Washington, D.C. They share an Instagram account with over 70,000 followers, where you can check out their stylish outfits, fun cosplay and the cute dates they go on.

Pitties have a bad rap, it’s no secret. Despite the misguided notion that they’re a dangerous breed the States has seen a recent surge in training and hiring pit bulls and other mixed-breed mutts from shelters for K9 Units, resulting in a diverse staff of motivated rescues. In recent years, pit bulls have been abused as fighting dogs and stereotyped as aggressive animals.

A creative human named Chris Newsome has a daily visitor to his porch, who happens to be a toad. After many evenings spent chilling together on his porch, Chris thought his toad buddy could use a hat or two. Using colored foam paper, he started with a top hat, being a classic toad fashion staple.

Shakes the dog’s story started off rough. He was born a stray, completely deaf and with a brain disorder that limits his ability to walk. Six years later, he’s inspired his community and been made an honorary K-9 officer.

Kai’s story was sad to start. A few years ago, some heartless humans abandoned this lovely shar-pei mix at a train station in Scotland. Tied up outside, he was left with a little suitcase with his possessions inside, including his food, bowl, toys and even a pillow.

This is Mango, a pomeranian so impossibly cute it’s hard to believe she’s not a stuffed toy (Hint: she’s the one in the middle wearing a zip-up hoodie). She’s so cute in fact, she’s was just announced as the winner of an Instagram cuteness contest. Setup by instant.me, this grueling competition took over six weeks, pitting cute Insta-pets against each other.

Who doesn’t love baby goats frolicking in colorful onesies? There can never be too many internet videos of tiny farm animals, or cute baby animals in general. We are obsessed with this video of newborn Nigerian Dwarf Goats who were born at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine and are romping around outside in pyjamas.