If you’ve made it here, then you know nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than an adorable animal doing what they do best. Puppies do the darndest things and we have them all here.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have fluffy golden coats and are made of happiness. Rosco’s a year old golden retriever with an important job.

Hamlet is one tabby cat with a penchant for business. This kitty mogul runs New York City’s Algonquin Hotel. He’s the 12th cat to be employed by the hotel, dating all the way back to 1930.

Today in celebrity news, Hilary Duff and partner musician Matthew Koma have adopted a senior dog. The pooch was named Eloise originally but rumours suspect Duff has changed it to Lucy. Either way, she couldn’t be happier to have found her furever home.

On top of being an Olympic silver medal winner and an absolute babe, Gus Kenworthy is also a dog-rescuing hero. Kenworthy and his partner recently adopted a tiny fluff ball from the dog meat trade in South Korea. The athlete explains his thoughts on the matter in the Instagram post below.

Valerie Taylor is a famous diver and underwater photographer and videographer, known for being a shark expert with an impressive underwater career going back to the 1960s. On top of tons of documentaries and work, she also helped with Hollywood movies such as JAWS and The Blue Lagoon. While she is in her 80s and doesn’t dive anymore, one of her more unique experiences was befriending a moray eel she named “Honey”.

Jabba the sloth was set up on a blind date by the Beardsley Zoo, and sparks flew. The two-toed sloths were introduced early in February. They took things slow at first, but eventually realized the love is real.

Watch out Norbert, there’s a new therapy pup in town. Chi Chi is a Golden Retriever with four prosthetic paws. She visits hospitals and schools, spreading inspiration and happiness everywhere she goes.

Lil Ben the miniature horse struck gold when he trespassed onto his (now) forever families front lawn. Living a lonely life on a farm, the 18-year-old mini-horse would get bored. No friends, no family, all Benjamin had was an apathetic farmer who didn’t really care about him.

Bella the squirrel was found badly injured by an owl attack when she was just 4 weeks old. Hurt and vulnerable, she wasn’t able to survive on her own. Luckily, the little squirrel was found by a wildlife rescue group.

Cyclists and koala’s band together during Australia’s heat wave. The little marsupials are dehydrated but they know who their ride or die homies are. Koalas typically get moisture from gum leaves but the heat has been making that nearly impossible.