Funny pets bring the best laughs. We have a great collection of the most up-to-date funny dog videos and other cute animals of our four-legged friends.

Petey’s not your average bearded dragon. Not only is Petey a Twitter celebrity but she also has a penchant for (cue dramatic music) murder. I think my lizard may have murdered someone— izzy (@danisnobunk) March 5, 2018 The photo was snapped at Petey’s home (suspicious) by Isabella Mione.

The trending hashtag #rateaspecies is taking over Twitter and we couldn’t be happier about it. The hashtag was started by the Oregon Zoo on Friday and has been picked up since by other animal conservationists. The ratings take the form of product reviews and are legitimately hilarious. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FIRST IMPRESSIONSOverall very good first impressions.

One Española Island tortoise is credited with saving his species by having sex with literally everyone. The tortoise is named Diego (assumedly after the San Diego Zoo where he came from) and he’s a total stud. He started out as one of three remaining males of his species.

Cricket’s a one-eyed pony who moonlights as a night-time corgi express. This video was taken by Cricket’s mom when she came home unexpectedly one night. She busted the dog and pony during what was clearly the most epic adventure that ever took place.

Canuck the Crow has a rap sheet a mile long, causing mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. The crow is half-domesticated, half-wild, and all hilarious. From stealing active crime-scene evidence to being hired as an actual employee at the PNE the crow is an urban legend come to life.

Sloths, also known as the kingpins of the underworld. Or, at least this one is. Sort of.

This canine is not only a thief but an arsonist to boot. The dog was caught on a Southwick families security camera nabbing some leftover pancakes. The pooch also accidentally bumped the stove on, starting a fire and creating mayhem.

Just when you thought Tom Hardy couldn’t get any funnier… He goes and pulls something like this. Quoting Bane to a dog is funny enough, but doing it using a testicle cup is just nuts (see what we did there?).

Emotional support comes in many forms including, apparently, a peacock. A woman brought her massive emotional support peacock to the Newark airport and attempted to fly to LA with it, even going so far as to buy the bird a seat of its own. Airlines will allow emotional support animals to fly with their owners as long as they can fit comfortably in front of the passenger’s seat without obstructing the aisle.

Hank the Tank is an Australian Shepherd who had a recent run-in with the vet. Hank was able to come home but was still flyin’ high with some morphine in his system. The pooch had stepped on a rusty nail and needed surgery but has made a full recovery, I cAN FeEL CoLoUrS #vetgavememorphine A post shared by Hank The Tank (@hanktheaussietank) on Jan 16, 2018 at 2:24pm PST Vet gave me morphine and turned me into a White Walker for the day #GoT #LazySunday #MorphineDrip A post shared by Hank The Tank (@hanktheaussietank) on Jan 15, 2018 at 10:01pm PST Hank’s got baby blues which (when he’s not on drugs) are adorable.