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Leaders of the Prairie Dog Pack, Bing and Swarley are two Texan prairie dogs living the good life with their mixed-species family. The dogs’ mom, Cassidy, adopted Bing and Swarley from a local pet shop in Houston, Texas, adding them to her growing brood of animals. The Prairie Dog Pack currently consists of Bing and Swarley, a hedgehog named Monty, and the troops newest edition – Enzo, an adorable, floppy puppy.

Eyes protruding, lower lips bulging, hair looking like a savagely used toothbrush… Who doesn’t love a Brussels Griffon? These Chewbacca wannabes are full of gusto and self importance. They take some of the funniest pics on the internet, so we compiled a top ten list of Brussels Griffon Instagram accounts to follow.

Suffering from a painful ear condition, life was getting tough for this 10-year-old cat. But thanks to a rescue center and a kind new mom, he’s inspiring others to adopt older and special needs animals. His previous humans didn’t get him treatment for his condition and then weren’t able to afford surgery.

Gavel, a German Shepherd from Queensland, Australia, came from a proud pedigree of police puppers and was destined to also join the force. To become a furry officer of the law, you need discipline, bravery and when the situation calls for it, you need to be tough on criminals. In Gavel’s case, the police trainers found he was just too friendly to be taking down bad guys.

George and Amal Clooney have just welcomed twins into their home with Ella and Alexander. They already have several rescued fur babies at home, with two cocker spaniels and one basset hound. Last month, Camp Cocker Rescue announced they rescued nine cocker spaniels and needed help, which was where the Clooney’s adopted their spaniels.

Gunther IV leads a lavish lifestyle paid for by his staggering fortune of $400 million. He takes limousines in between his many Italian properties, attends auctions where he acquires rare items (anyone fancy a $1.1 million rare white truffle?), and dines on steak and caviar. He’s a German Shepherd born into royalty as the last heir to German countess and multi-millionaire Karlotta Liebenstein.

Rescued from a filthy hoarder’s house in a small Canadian town, this little cat’s family had no idea she was destined for greatness. She was only 12 weeks old when they adopted her, and it was love at first site. She quickly took over running the household by declaring dominance over her dog subordinate and human slaves.

Marnie the Shih Tzu went from rags to riches after Shirley Braha adopted the senior from a shelter. Originally a Connecticut street dog, Marnie was in pretty rough shape. She had decaying teeth, an odor that would put New York alleyways to shame and was deaf and blind.

Capybara’s are the largest rodent known to man. They resemble a massive, furry chicken nugget with a face – it’s no wonder human’s like to keep them as pets. JoeJoe, a capy living in Las Vegas, fits the description to a T.

In the lush countryside of Costa Rica, there’s a dog paradise called Territorio de Zaguates (Land of the Strays). Found on acres of private farmland, it’s a free-range, outdoor, no-kill shelter for nearly 1,000 rescued dogs. They get to spend their days playing on the grassy hills, running through the forest and jumping in ponds.