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facelift for your fish, anyone? The fanciest fish on the market, an Asian arowana could cost you $150,000. With that chunk of change, you could buy yourself 30,000 regular goldfish.

Chris Evans makes no secret about loving his pup, Dodger. The Avengers star posts about his rescue dog every chance he gets and this #InternationalPetDay is no exception. Evans tweeted a video showing the first time he met his good boy.

Zac Efron adopted a pitty pup! The Baywatch babe adopted MACA, a pit bull who was scheduled to be euthanized. Bark n’ Bitches, an LA-based dog adoption boutique stepped in when they heard MACA (who was then named Tilly) was set to be put down.

Rascal “it’s a trap” Wild is a rescue cat who loves mischief. He’s a tuxedo cat with the heart of a troublemaker and the nose of a gentleman – much like his namesake. Rascal began his life as a stray, cruisin’ the mean streets of Marysville, Washington.

Molly the Goldendoodle was lost in the North Carolina forest for months before she was rescued. Lost and alone for so long, Molly started eating rocks and garbage to keep from starving. She was found with dirty, matted fur and an emaciated body.

Reddit user @daria_arbuz posted a photo of a clumsy baby otter to the PS Battle thread and the results are hilarious.

During the American national anthem, a bald eagle decided to land on major league Mariners pitcher James Paxton’s shoulder. Is there any sentence more steeped in stars and stripes than that? James Paxton was minding his own business during the American national anthem when suddenly a bald eagle decided he looks like a great perch.

A heartbreaking tale of bullying has a happy ending for one Oklahoma boy and a stray cat. Madden Humphreys is 7-years-old and was born with a cleft lip and two different coloured eyes. Madden used to come home from school crying because of bullies making fun of his appearance. “It broke my heart,” Madden’s mother, Christina Humphreys stated. “At the end of last year, he made a book about how he had no friends and had to play by himself.

Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s newest film, is a stop-motion animation about, you guessed it, an isle of dogs. Ireland had it’s first dog-friendly screening at a cinema in Dublin. The cinema sold pup-friendly seats equipped with water and a blanket for our furry friends and screened Isle of Dogs.

17 years ago Nick Burchill made the mistake of leaving his hotel room window open. What followed was a string of unfortunate events earning him to a lifetime ban from The Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC. Nick Burchill is a simple man from Nova Scotia.