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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is a dog of many talents. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, world traveller, hunter, author, model, actor, athlete (he even tried out for the NHL and the Toronto Raptors). On top of this already impressive list, he’s now added NASCAR driver. “Wieners, start your engines..

Cricket’s a one-eyed pony who moonlights as a night-time corgi express. This video was taken by Cricket’s mom when she came home unexpectedly one night. She busted the dog and pony during what was clearly the most epic adventure that ever took place.

Canuck the Crow has a rap sheet a mile long, causing mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. The crow is half-domesticated, half-wild, and all hilarious. From stealing active crime-scene evidence to being hired as an actual employee at the PNE the crow is an urban legend come to life.

Jabba the sloth was set up on a blind date by the Beardsley Zoo, and sparks flew. The two-toed sloths were introduced early in February. They took things slow at first, but eventually realized the love is real.

Watch out Norbert, there’s a new therapy pup in town. Chi Chi is a Golden Retriever with four prosthetic paws. She visits hospitals and schools, spreading inspiration and happiness everywhere she goes.

Sloths, also known as the kingpins of the underworld. Or, at least this one is. Sort of.

This canine is not only a thief but an arsonist to boot. The dog was caught on a Southwick families security camera nabbing some leftover pancakes. The pooch also accidentally bumped the stove on, starting a fire and creating mayhem.

Lil Ben the miniature horse struck gold when he trespassed onto his (now) forever families front lawn. Living a lonely life on a farm, the 18-year-old mini-horse would get bored. No friends, no family, all Benjamin had was an apathetic farmer who didn’t really care about him.

The internet without cat videos is like The Beatles without John Lennon. Probably still exists, but who cares. If you’re a cat owner yourself, you can understand exactly why the internet loves cat videos.

Just when you thought Tom Hardy couldn’t get any funnier… He goes and pulls something like this. Quoting Bane to a dog is funny enough, but doing it using a testicle cup is just nuts (see what we did there?).