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Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s newest film, is a stop-motion animation about, you guessed it, an isle of dogs. Ireland had it’s first dog-friendly screening at a cinema in Dublin. The cinema sold pup-friendly seats equipped with water and a blanket for our furry friends and screened Isle of Dogs.

Sometimes shelter pups are up against insurmountable odds. One Australian photographer is doing her part to help out the underdog. Alex Cearns was a cop for almost 14 years before she decided to quit and pursue her dream of being a photographer.

Happy Panda Day! These tubby little creatures will warm your cold, cold hearts. They’re the clumsiest bears on the planet and, for obvious reasons, a group of pandas is actually called an embarrassment.

A fishmonger cat named Dog (yes, you read that right) is blowing up the world of pet fashion. Chó is a cat owned by a fishmonger, whose name literally means ‘dog’ in Vietnamese. Chó’s owner, Lê Quốc Phong, chose his name based on the cat’s personality.

On top of being an Olympic silver medal winner and an absolute babe, Gus Kenworthy is also a dog-rescuing hero. Kenworthy and his partner recently adopted a tiny fluff ball from the dog meat trade in South Korea. The athlete explains his thoughts on the matter in the Instagram post below.

PuiPui the bunny lives in Tokyo and thanks to his human who hand makes all his outfits, he also lives very stylishly. Not much to say we can say about him, other than the more you scroll down this post the better your day will get. * PETER "PuiPui" RABBIT stealing carrots🥕🥕 #PeterRabbitMovie is now playing in USA!! @peterrabbitmovie * 「🥕たくさん手に入れたぉ!」 * 原作でピーターが畑で食べているのはニンジンじゃなくて赤いラディッシュなんですね😳 てっきりニンジンかと🥕 A post shared by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on Feb 16, 2018 at 6:01am PST * Autumn is just around the corner🍁 I want to go for a walk with PuiPui. Unfortunately, strong typhoon is approaching Japan.

Justin Bieber, sorry, Justin Beaver, is a lucky baby beaver who lives at the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Kentucky. He was an orphan that was rescued last summer at 8 weeks old. Without parents to raise him, he can’t return to the wild, but he doesn’t let that hold him back.

Cricket’s a one-eyed pony who moonlights as a night-time corgi express. This video was taken by Cricket’s mom when she came home unexpectedly one night. She busted the dog and pony during what was clearly the most epic adventure that ever took place.

Jabba the sloth was set up on a blind date by the Beardsley Zoo, and sparks flew. The two-toed sloths were introduced early in February. They took things slow at first, but eventually realized the love is real.

Lil Ben the miniature horse struck gold when he trespassed onto his (now) forever families front lawn. Living a lonely life on a farm, the 18-year-old mini-horse would get bored. No friends, no family, all Benjamin had was an apathetic farmer who didn’t really care about him.