Drake has been pretty busy the last couple years. In 2016 he released his fourth album Views. He launched his Summer Sixteen tour that year with Future.

Office dogs have always been part of Amazon’s work culture. It started with a married couple that were original Amazon employees, who would bring in their Welsh corgi named Rufus. He was loved by the staff and felt Rufus improved their time in the office.

Barbra Streisand cloned her dog Samantha that passed away last year. Not once, not twice, but five times! With the cost estimated at between $50-$100,000 per pooch!

Valerie Taylor is a famous diver and underwater photographer and videographer, known for being a shark expert with an impressive underwater career going back to the 1960s. On top of tons of documentaries and work, she also helped with Hollywood movies such as JAWS and The Blue Lagoon. While she is in her 80s and doesn’t dive anymore, one of her more unique experiences was befriending a moray eel she named “Honey”.

PuiPui the bunny lives in Tokyo and thanks to his human who hand makes all his outfits, he also lives very stylishly. Not much to say we can say about him, other than the more you scroll down this post the better your day will get. * PETER "PuiPui" RABBIT stealing carrots🥕🥕 #PeterRabbitMovie is now playing in USA!! @peterrabbitmovie * 「🥕たくさん手に入れたぉ!」 * 原作でピーターが畑で食べているのはニンジンじゃなくて赤いラディッシュなんですね😳 てっきりニンジンかと🥕 A post shared by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on Feb 16, 2018 at 6:01am PST * Autumn is just around the corner🍁 I want to go for a walk with PuiPui. Unfortunately, strong typhoon is approaching Japan.

Justin Bieber, sorry, Justin Beaver, is a lucky baby beaver who lives at the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Kentucky. He was an orphan that was rescued last summer at 8 weeks old. Without parents to raise him, he can’t return to the wild, but he doesn’t let that hold him back.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is a dog of many talents. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, world traveller, hunter, author, model, actor, athlete (he even tried out for the NHL and the Toronto Raptors). On top of this already impressive list, he’s now added NASCAR driver. “Wieners, start your engines..

Last time we wrote about the amazing Sir Patrick Stewart, he had taken in a lovely foster pitbull named Ginger when he was promoting the film Logan with Hugh Jackman. His wife Sunny Ozell and him fell in love with Ginger right away. He said after not owning a dog in 50 years, Ginger really changed his outlook on dogs and life.

Blizzard, a big Saint Bernard and Lulu, a tiny Japanese Spaniel clearly have a special friendship. Blizzard’s human got Lulu when she was a puppy and they became buddies right away. With Blizzard being the strong and silent type, Lulu acted like he was her big brother.

Crusoe isn’t your average dachshund, never letting his sausage-like stature stop him from reaching for the sky. He’s a social media celeb, adventurer, model, artist, author, chef, party animal and ladies’ man, looking to add pro-athlete to his already incredible resume. He started sharing his life online just a few years ago but has already stacked up a social media following of over 2 million.